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Fidget Cube Bronze are noble career, today it is extremely unusual, and this year s mixing device division there is a strange place, usually a rare top notch master, even there are many. Since the proud wind in the day of the assessment with the Shenhuo, Shenhuo refining device division of the rumors have been alarmed the city wind and rain. Foreign city is very small, the news spread is also the most rapid, I heard that the mixing device division on the General Assembly appeared a Shenhuo device division cloud wind , suddenly caused the boiling of the city, all of some strength and status, Are expecting the mixing device division to squeeze a quota into the look. Some of the strong on the mainland, heard this news, but also since came to look, take this opportunity to get acquainted with who Shenhuo device division, so difficult to see through the ages, who do not want to miss. Therefore, this year s mixing device division meeting, but unprecedented lively. Waiting to start, came a few old behind the fidget cube colors laughter Cloud Wind Excellency, please wait, we go to you holding a place.time, proud wind suddenly saw the front of a vaulted door there is a familiar figure passed, hurriedly trot past, cried Friends The man in the black cloak stopped and looked back, and the husky voice asked, What are you It is just that was known as the little monster side of the inverse. Cough that I lost the face of each other weird look, proud wind is very calm, embarrassed smile said There is no reception fidget cube bronze outside, I can not find a random place to find a place Could you please do me a favor and take me over Side inverse Lengzheng look, slightly cold eyes Those people are really, means a road is immune, but also offended a bit Wu Yu, one afraid of this Uh, proud wind touch the nose, the original people who are deliberately away from her ah Wu Yu looks really is a Grievance Lord of the child will be reported, dare not help her very fidget cube bronze normal. Come with me, the assessment in the inner courtyard, it is about to start, to re register over there, refining the soul of magic device will be able to cross the border, is not difficult. Fang again.

e eyes of everyone surprised, self deprecating smile. At that time, I have eyes do not know Taishan, also old looking for big brother s troubles, then I discovered that you are my, I do not know the truth, Really admire the kind of hero, not the kind I hate sissy.I have been in regret, regret why not earlier found, why not protect you in time to protect you, I have nothing, only one Brute force, although trying to make up for, but the gap between us is still too far too far, I am not three young master, there is no innate talent, I know I may not catch up with you forever.However, I do not Will give up, I will always try to go, that is, no results will go He began when the tone fairly loud, but the more the more behind the whisper, some incoherent, even the Qin and Qin non Qin looked at his eyes are a bit bizarre. But from his heart to express the kind of meaning, proud wind but understand. Qin Kui reason will have this kind of psychological, mainly a contrast, who do not know the wind is over the proud, when a person was found to be their most an.people are outraged, and some people play mentality, surrounded by talking about, proud of the wind they have just come to the shop door, many people have seen things happen, especially Wang Xing that rage of the big shout, he always Is well known profiteers robber, grab the business, extortion, many people are fidget cube indianred very sick of him. fidget cube news Qin Aotian looked at the gadget for a long while, never see what clues to, wondering The proud wind, just I would like to ask you, what is this thing, it is so much trouble you Is it a rare mineral In the end know how much Obi Si ah Obi Si Ha fidget cube makers ha, big brother, this thing and Wales crystal heart a grade, you fidget cube bronze can use Obish wire to measure it Proud wind looked at the pendant material, feeling the chin No magic weapon can not play any big effect, there is an energy crystal, magic energy structure from the internal damage, of course, will become a garbage, but ordinary attacks can not open the turtle shell, only Day fire refining device division of the fire to melt out of this layer of black stone. Qin Aotian understand So, small wind.not so check properly, where you deserve a Refining device division Proud wind heart sigh, only then could not help it Wu Yu by this passage, the wind has been able to determine the arrogance in the refining furnace on the hands and feet of the people who is him, as the internal mixing device division of the examiner and the examiner, to replace a test mixer furnace Very simple, and the presence of people, and no other people and their enemies, not to mention he was in the event after the first ironic language. Brother, then can not say so, after all, this furnace is the refining furnace is out of our union to the candidates with the representatives of our refining device division, under normal circumstances can fidget cube firebrick not be a problem, Yun Lu Lu is the author of refining equipment division The reputation of the trade unions, only not carefully check now blasting, indicating that we Lianfenshi Union even refining furnace are refining furnace is not good, the shame is fidget cube white that we fishes. Not far from the rain soft come, elegant The voice said slowly, she looked at th.

Fidget Cube Bronze ddenly a hot boy on such a hot yellow network ah Is this called cloud of wind, the red youth what is not a great backing Arrogant eyebrows gently provoked, a touch of stare at the ancient face of his face, the hearts of some of the same surprise, it appears that this old guy was her horror, ah This pair of fear and trepidation to please the fidget cube bronze appearance, without even her identity did not dare to say, obviously want to get rid of the hatchet, let her do not find him trouble Luoxingcheng arrogant wind did not know the ancient seal also involved, she speculated that the culprit only Fu Lian, and the ancient seal between the grudge will only burn his son s things, since people do not mind, she did not want to care about. See proud wind Waizhaonaodai thinking, the ancient seal of a move did not dare to move, that warm smile did not dare to be removed, he smiled face almost stiff, only to hear the tepid voice of that tepid To the ancient seal master kind, and this is also the refining device division assessment today I know, did not expect the examiner was actua.rder peak strong Enough to have as many as five, so the strength to catch up with the original blue lineup of the family. Refining refining division family proud wind had to listen to paragraph gold said, the refining device division family has never been to buy refining device division union accounts, never allow their children to join the family mixing device fidget cube bronze division, the union called the miscellaneous military, have That their family of refining device division is the best. These families are thousands of years old family, more than the establishment of the Federation of refining workers as early as fidget cube bronze many, often have their own heritage of continuous fire, each family has at least one day fire refining device division, will naturally Yilaomailao. Their entire family to mixing device based, perennial hidden in the mountains of Daze, very few of this world, only in the decade of mixing device division meeting to see their traces. Of course, they come, most of the purpose is to kick the field, but unfortunately, this for hundreds of years, refining device.


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