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Fidget Cube Sandybrown jealous, In the mixing device, the more or less there will be a little impurity in which the result is useless properties appear chicken ribs, the higher the stall of the magic device, the probability of a chicken rib properties, the original Mu Tong refining Of the God fidget cube darkorenge Emperor device, that is, a file is extremely tasteless fluorescent properties. And all the properties of the proud wind is very practical, especially strong and defensive. This is a full house housing the formation of energy enclosures, one is the house itself, the degree of solid, with the protection of the two story six file, the lord of the class Master is also difficult to harm the people in the mansion. With this thing, proud of the wind confidence doubled, one can hide at any time to escape the necessary items for her adventure to the North to provide the most powerful protection, once there is no worries, to start things to more convenient and bold. Heart, envy, praise, all eyes gathered in the palm of the proud wind that little crystal palace. Just when people sensation, the heal.n your body, so you can not use it, Qin Kui, as long as the activation of this element of the wizard, and your body integration, you can make your strength to rise to a higher level, with Welsh and some spiritual fruit, your power will soon rise to the day order. Autonomy fidget cube sandybrown into the body element elves have not been activated, the pride of the mother Feng Feng Phoenix God energy has been unable to break the mystery of which, in the fifteen years, the magic of energy has been sleeping God, magic energy Pride in the wind should be more high end element of a wizard, the level of the fidget cube sandybrown elemental wizard above. Qinkui suddenly a bit can not accept, fidget cube with lowest price fidget cube brass suddenly ignorant, staring at the strange cried I order master day Mouth to say so, he really did not want to become a master of the day order it Proud wind suddenly said he can become a short term order master, so he was surprised for a while. With the element of the wizard, practice will be a lot faster, well, as your talent proud of the wind thought for a ring from the space where a black yo out of the fruit, a.

e second chapter of the city cloud haze Lusika light continent for thousands of years known as fidget cube orange the first city known as the cloud in the city, located in the mainland s most remote west sea, in the mainland strange risk to the sea of clouds into the sea. Ge cloud foggy sea, enveloped by a layer fidget cube news of misty white fog throughout the year, the various types of Warcraft World of Warcraft flight named after the rampant. Do not think that clouds are in the sea of clouds, fidget cube sandybrown the so called Wu Hai, in fact, is above the Jiuxiao West Sea more than a thousand miles out, the scene will become hazy, the more the higher the vision is more ambiguous, to get high, as if exposure to the clouds, the cloud for the ocean, one of fidget cube sandybrown the islands seems to stand among the clouds like , So the name of the cloud in the city, it is the world s most different geography of a region, can also be called, Sky City Out of the west coast, proud wind, who will all the way toward the high altitude flight, the distant hazy a vast white cloud haze sea has been far away in sight, a pure white like a clo.she said you want to receive me Man angrily provoked eyebrows, between the words reveals a pride, To the strength of his body, the king of God in his eyes indeed like ants. The man is a mainland in recent years on the mainland of Los star lord, this year nineteen, just into the king of God, is my own eyes see. Ancient seal is also respectfully said. Nineteen year old king of God, or in this continent Men could not help but stunned a bit, the hearts of illegal channels, this talent can be really incredible, and that black Phoenix almost the same Fu Lian continue to smear arrogant wind I have said is to receive adults, but she did not listen, and said Men frowned What to say Also said that they are the mainland city of Los Star City, after the power of the cloud in the city, which need to be afraid of you She also said that the God of your God is completely blown out fidget cube joystick of the bragging, the mainland on a total of so few gods Order master, she knows, your God, but this is a paper tiger, a torn to break the kind of If the brother told me, do of each person is no difference, including refining furnace are the same furnace, grading and refining division division is not the same, the same conditions refining System level of different things, which can be assessed. See no one to speak, the stage Wu Yu suddenly passing a touch of smirking sneer, high channel Since there is no problem, then fidget cube sandybrown start it With his order, all the candidates at this time the palm of your hand close to the refining furnace stove, instantly, the hall heat wave crest into the sky, dozens of different flames at the same time burning up All kinds of strange flame see dazzling, the scene looks very spectacular. Well, good thing Proud wind Yaran to sweep the circle and found that nine of these candidates have nine mixing master master level, most people are ordinary odd fire, there are a few or strange fire Above the fire level of flame, that green girl with rain is a light green to fire. That is, of course, most of them, like you, came to plan to participate in mixing device division of the General Assembly, which doz.

Fidget Cube Sandybrown re all a cloud of high level figures in the city s iconic white hair, the left is a Qiu bearded Han, the right is a refined scholar, the middle is like a breath like a pool, eyes such as electricity, wearing a sky blue Color robe of men, three of the appearance of age is not the kind of withered old man, to the young people among them. The real master, the appearance of the younger age, on behalf of their talent the higher, of course, there are some exceptions. Blue robe men white whiskers, obviously looks should go only twenty five or six years old, but the mouth that two beard is left very slender, blocking the lower half of the face, with hair must be fidget cube creator white, so there are A bit of the vicissitudes of feeling. Men with a face, the face looks good, but it is very serious and stiff, eyes cold stains such as blade, eyes just swept away, it will make people feel whole body Pores suddenly tightening, as if exposure to the Millennium Hantan among. Among the three, the man gives the greatest pressure, if there is no accident, proud wind to determine, he must ha.Aotian days of cloud killing days is very curious, this woman in the eyes of cold luster sometimes flashed, indifference was like a million years of iceberg, a look that is a bad mess Lord, how would the wind is particularly different Ah Black Phoenix This is not to save our black Phoenix adults Accompanied by the Qin Ding, Liang Lei, who cried in shock. Cloud killing days that day is extremely shocking, but also the United States was alarming, people will not forget the natural You are black Phoenix Blue repair some surprise, had the name of the woman to save the Los Angeles City, he always wanted to thank her, can be a black Phoenix disappeared, disappeared on the mainland without audio, how could not find , Do not want to be met here. Blue repair look micro, soft Chen Ken earnestly laughed Thank you for your life saving grace. Cloud kill day nodded indifferently, and did not say anything, in addition to the most intimate person, she has never been false to other people, even if the blue repair style a bit surprised her, does not mean she would make an.


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