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Real Fidget Cube , casually said I do not have the fire, refining device division fire in the union, trouble friends responsible for the equipment, give me points. Fire, that is, durable fire Tan, is designed to give some of the refining device is not used in the fire, the refining device division and can not be regarded as a true sense of mixing device division, but as long as the mixing device technology home, A master refining refining device, refining a few kind of lower spiritual illusion device can be the most difficult to make this refining device division supercilious, the real mixing device division has never admitted their status. Therefore, the proud wind of these words, it immediately caused a stir. Several of the game to see the master of mixing device surprised a moment, suddenly stared straight up a pair of eyes, this time is not admired, but burst of silent For the first time in history, there was a need for fire refining device division division, there are more funny than this joke it Responsible for the mixing equipment division also silly for a few buy fidget cube kickstarter edition seco.treasure device into a generous Guanghua, but she knew, recorded among the God order magic device from the emergence of such a vision, the only explanation is the lord treasure device Feeling the excitement of the moment to enhance the feeling to the extreme, a sense of accomplishment hit her heart, think about it, proud wind about understand the reason. Spirit of God s energy seems to be a little overflow of energy, the strength of the natural increase a lot of hardened, in addition, just the kind of mixing device realm, is also a case can not be asked. Proud wind secretly emotion, a clear mind, Instantly understand a lot of things When I refining the magic device, the mind is the home of the past, refining is not a magic device, but a feeling, the real refining device God Carpenter, refining the feelings Fang inverse, but also because I refining the magic device, will be strong feelings into them, this refining the works beyond the realm of their own. At this time above the sky, that bright and splendid palace has all been revealed, it is palpi.

the strongest potential of the things Dragon, once taken, one or two hours of ascension within the very frightening, though short, but enough to compare the strong level of God Emperor. Long Yao a very grim face, life and death he had no time to think about, backhand fling, then drop the golden liquid will swallow the belly, the body has been depleted among the near, an enormous force suddenly up the up Long Yao will release a very powerful supernatural powers, the black flame sickle from one cut for two, two blade close to the risk of three people in the past Rong Rong, the final scorn scattered in fidget cube in amazon the Air, even real fidget cube if the strength to enhance, Long Yao on the netherworld of warcraft gold also do not dare to take. Black Phoenix, you force me out of the cairica dragon blood, is simply suicidal I d like to see, now you kill me or I kill you Roar one, the strength of a sudden upgrade to a level of Long Yao As if a devastating devils devils, rushed up like crazy One year to kill, has Biequ to his extreme, at this time even the magic of God for energy cards are o.ght of the light of God. Yun Qi took a deep breath, eyes swept past the crazy color But I want this cloud in Santo Futai Lengle Leng, heads of fine Mang big release To know the city has been two clouds in the city of illusory light in the mainland to expand the belief in a piece of heart disease, as long as the cloud in the city one day there is no magic Hall of light simply can not have too much movement, if the clouds Qi became Santo, they became Light Magic Hall of the people, it fidget cube white is not the whole child can be swallowed up. By that time, dark magic hall and what they fight God is not magic energy, run this thing, the same is a wonderful service ah I understand what you mean. Thought for a moment, but Futai frowned But to kill cloud Qing is not easy, his strength is too real fidget cube strong, unless there is any real conflict of interest, no cut off those messenger a Than a fine, who would be willing to go to die If you know the energy of magic in the clouds in the city, who would dare to say that to keep cool That old guy, but also with the magic of God, energy source.tall thumb. Proud wind Oh smiled, but it is surprised a moment, curious asked Suya mother, you call me to this cloud in the city, not the Santo it Fool, my uncle for so many years do not ask fidget cube by ansty you, how will suddenly think of you He is angry with your father Qin Shuo year to really the Santo to the furious, so your brother is not to see you Do not blame uncle, the most beloved daughter, eighteen years old was Guaipao, and even ten years did not even fidget cube rose a message and uncle, uncle, of course, angry. Suya light embrace the proud wind shoulder sighed That year Do not know who is right or wrong, you see uncle you do not go under the hand punish about, should also understand the wind Qin sister what position in his heart, right I understand. Pride of the wind gently nodded his head, when the cloud Qingcao mother like it is no doubt that the mother ran away from home for so many years ridiculed, the old man is not angry with it She was a very sensual person, cloud Qingcang her patience again and again, naturally can feel it. But, the old guy is an old stubborn, there.

Real Fidget Cube ls, they think you may be to participate in mixing device division of the General Assembly, Here to find you. The cloud feast is about real fidget cube to convene, and he at this time to find you, I do not know for what, I can not disobey Santo s command, can only remind you to be careful. This last sentence, Genting days will sound Pressed into a line, directly into the proud wind fidget cube cyan ears, the presence of the wind in addition to other gods order master proud wind, naturally can not detect. Proud of the wind eyes micro motion, raised his lip, no trace of nodded his head, his mouth was indifferent sneer, casually waved a way joke, he asked me to go I went to our Los Angeles City just some time ago I was about to return to the city to help my teacher, what things are not my teacher important, if he is looking for me, waiting for the cloud feast good. That cloud Mo days in the hands of the wind proud of the wind ate the loss, Biequ hematemesis, this time one, but also in the next issued a harsh laugh Qin proud of the wind, you care about Los Star City, so I think of it Let me t.pable is not better than us this event, we will be a shame before the light hall, sensible, as early real fidget cube as possible to concede defeat, perhaps the kindness of God I will put you a horse, if you stubborn, today is When your destruction Loud voice trembling the whole square, Ling Bing said these words emboldened, quite proud of feeling, we can see that he was more confident. But the words have not yet sound, and another very magnetic low laugh accompanied by a sigh, drifting over Oh, some people, ah, that is boasted of the first fall somewhere, it is not careful, the second Ling Bing you like when what is not good, how real fidget cube to do such a love to do idiots, the original is looking at the cleverness of the past, that fidget cube powderblue is to say, do not care, what. Magic charm laughter is extremely evil, this sound is not as loud as Ling Bing, but it is accurate to each person s ears drift, the spirit of the moment produced a trance. Proud of the wind and cloud killing day at the same time startled, as the one, head exposed ecstasy Jingmang. It s him he came This familiar tone of ridicu.


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